About the Author

As one who was born and grew up in the South, I received my initial education in a Catholic elementary and high school. I knew very little more than my surroundings of the south and its racial biases and social controls. Upon finishing High School I felt called to theological studies, so I entered the Seminary in Upstate New York. This experience radically and permanently changed my life. For the five years, I engaged in summer internships, ministering among the victims of inner-city violence in Chicago. It was there that I realized that my life had changed forever. After that, for four years before Ordination to Priesthood, I committed my life to live in inner-city parishes in service of the poorest of the poor. After Ordination, my first parish assignment was in an inner-city church in Baltimore. I left this initial parish assignment and went to work in a Home Health Center where I served the sick and dying. I did not last long before; I spent the next years living and studying for the Ph.D. in Theology: teaching Theology for 28 years at the Xavier University of Louisiana.